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Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in Europe – Progress since 2005. National Representatives Meeting. Amsterdam.

Friday 30 May 2008

In order to review progress on meeting the targets set in the Liverpool Declaration in 2005 an interim meeting took place in Amsterdam on 30th May 2008 as a satellite to the EASDec annual meeting.

The aims of the meeting were to

  • review Liverpool Declaration 2005 targets
  • report on progress so far
  • describe obstacles to implementation
  • develop further guidance
  • engage stakeholders

Significant progress has been made since 2005 with nearly all countries either having established systematic screening or in the process of developing local or regional programmes. Approximately 1/3 of countries report being likely to achieve the targets by 2010. But there has been no progress at all in some countries. The reasons for this are set out in the conference report.

For full conference report click here.

To download a slide show of the summary of the meeting presented by the conference chair click here.

The presentations of the European organisation guest speakers can be downloaded by clicking the name of the speaker below.

Dr. Wim Wientjens
Vice President, International Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Ivo Kocur
Prevention of Blindness and Deafness (PBD), World Health Organisation

Dr. Christoph Steffen
European Commission, Information Society & Media DG

Dr. Karl-Jurgen Schmitt
Chairman, Structural Funds Task Force, COCIR


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